Performance in agriculture

Nature is changing, adapting, evolving, so we always have to become better, to adapt to its challenges in order to enjoy a plentiful crop.

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More than business

Farmers are our partners. Our relationship goes beyond the selling process by focusing on providing guidance for them in the farming business. We try to help them in respects of the measures that need to be implemented in order to protect their crops.

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Protect your crops

Pests can be stopped if actions are taken from the first signs of their appearance. We provide effective insecticides, fungicides and pesticides for your crops’ problems. Discover how we can help you!

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A trustworthy partner in agriculture business

The Romanian company RDF was created out of the desire to ease the access of Western Romania’s farmers to modern agriculture. More precisely to substances which guaranty the success of EU level agriculture. Moreover, we support our clients with advice for maximising farm productivity.

RDF is a direct distributor of major chemical fertilisers, seeds and pesticides brands, while being one of the main regional distributors of inputs for agriculture. It provides seeds from Pioneer, Dekalb, Syngenta, KWS, Limagrain and RAGT, pesticides from Bayer, Syngenta, BASF and Arysta, and chemical fertilisers from national and international producers.

Seeds, substances for plant protection and fertilisers catalogues

We’ve always focus on quality, which is why the products we sell are only the ones which have proved their efficiency. You can find here the cost effective products at high level efficiency of Syngenta, Monsanto, KWS, Pioneer, Bayer, Chemtura, BASF and Timac brands. Browse the desired catalogue and contact us for an offer.

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Dekalb corn catalogue


RDF Catalogue 2017


Pioneer rape catalogue 2017

26 February 2018

Tot mai sus! Escaladarea în premieră românească a lui Cerro Torrre

Vânturile care ajung să bată cu peste 140 km pe oră rareori permit ascensiunea, iar dincolo de dificultățile foarte complexe ale traseului se întâmpla ca ultimii 40 m să nu poată fi urcați datorită surplombei de gheață (vestita ciupercă de gheață de pe Torre0).

Ascensiunea vârfului Cerro Torre a fost reușită doar în 1974 mult după marile explorări […]

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