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19 July 2017

Corn and sunflower experiment lots event

In crop technology of any plant, a very important link is the control of weeds, diseases and pests. Together with our BASF collaborators, we set up an experimental lot in which we highlighted the effect of BASF herbicides and fungicides on weeds and on the culture itself.

The cultures that are subject of our study are corn and sunflower. In corn crop we sow 4 hybrids – LIPPEX and PHILEAX from RAGT, as well as LG.30500 and LG 5555. To demonstrate the efficacy of BASF herbicides, we sowed a witness to have a term of comparison. Density at sowing – 67000 plants/ha. The seed was treated with Sedooprid 8 l/ton. The fertilization was made along with the row sowing with 300 kg N-P-K 27, 5:13:0.

After the culture has sprung up, it was sprayed with RECORD pack, which includes two KELVIN Top herbicides (40 g/l nicosulfuron) and Cambio herbicide (bentazon 320 g/l+90 g/l dicamba) and DASH adjuvant. Used doses – Kelvin Top-1 L/ha, CAMBIO -2l/ha+0,6 l Dash.  The effectiveness of herbicides can be seen very well on the non-herbicides pest, where there are many weeds, especially pigweed (Chenopodium album), sorghum (Sorghum Halepense) and cane (Echinocloua crus gali).

Under the current pedological and atmospheric drought conditions, the pigweed exceeded the corn in height. In the herbicide areas the corn is free from weeds, with well-developed cobs. The culture gives us hopes of a good production. On a non-herbicides witness due to massive weeds, the culture is totally compromised at this time and in the current pedoclimatic conditions. This reinforces our belief that the use of BASF herbicides is the key to success in corn crop technology.

On the sunflower culture we sowed hybrids with Clearfield technology and conventional hybrids: EUROMIS classic hybrid, RAGT Cliff –Clearfield, RAGT RA102164 Clearfield, LG50635, LG 5555-Clearfield, Lucia-Clearfield, ES KAPRIS-Clearfield. Used doses 67000 plants/ha, seed treated with Seedoprid 8 l/tone. The fertilization was made along with the sowing, 300 kg/ha -27,5-13-0. After sowing, the culture was sprayed with 1,2 l/ha FRONTIER FORTE herbicide. In the 4-6 leaf stage, on the CL hybrids was sprayed with 1,2 l PULSAR + DASH.

The herbicide efficiency is very good, as the crop at this time is free of weeds. In the floral button phase, we applied the fungicide Pictor -0,5 l/ha. The use of BASF herbicides and fungicides on corn and sunflower crops shows maximum efficacy and protection for the two crops and, thus, production increases.

The experiment conducted by RDF and BASF is not only a success, it’s also an example of good practice designed to help farmers protect their crops and make them more profitable.

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