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26 February 2018

Tot mai sus! Escaladarea în premieră românească a lui Cerro Torrre

Vânturile care ajung să bată cu peste 140 km pe oră rareori permit ascensiunea, iar dincolo de dificultățile foarte complexe ale traseului se întâmpla ca ultimii 40 m să nu poată fi urcați datorită surplombei de gheață (vestita ciupercă de gheață de pe Torre0).

Ascensiunea vârfului Cerro Torre a fost reușită doar în 1974 mult după marile explorări […]

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28 November 2017

Elements necessary for the development of rapeseed and wheat


In addition to the three basic elements we spoke about, namely N-P-K for producing large crops for rapeseed, an essential element is sulfur. Rapeseed is a high sulfur-consuming product, so for obtaining high yields it is necessary to provide the necessary quantities of sulfur, both in quantity and at the optimum time.

The sulfur deficiency […]

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6 November 2017

Maintenance work on rapeseed crops

Under these conditions, weeds also appeared, among which the most frequent were the pigweed (Chenopodium album), wild mustard, wild radish and especially wheat and barley samulastra.

Another problem in rapeseed culture is the attack of the raccoons and the rape seed (Athalia rosae). Because of summer temperatures, the growth was explosive, with the need for growth regulators. RDF’s […]

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17 October 2017

A company from Arad receives 1 mil. Euros for a cereal silo

RDF signed in April 2009 a grant agreement with A.P.D.R.P. (Agency for Rural Development and Fisheries Payments) in order to access European funds under the measure “Increasing the added value of agricultural and forestry products”.

“The value of the contract signed by our company with A.P.D.R.P for the investment to be completed in Şofronea is about two million […]

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27 September 2017

Technical recommendations for wheat crops

Today, we’ll talk about essential wheat fertilization. Alongside thermic stress, hydro stress and photon stress, there is a nutrition stress. Many times, due to pedo-climatic conditions some farmers drop the essential fertilization opting for fertilizing in spring time when they do an unilateral fertilization with nitrogen fertilizers. There are some technicalities when it comes to fertilizing the […]

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20 July 2010

Cereal silo inauguration in Şofronea

A large number of guests attended the inauguration – farmers in the counties of Arad and Timiş, as well as representatives from APDRP, the director of Timişoara regional, the director of Arad agency together with his team, DSV, APIA, Agriculture Directorate Arad and also the mayor of Şofronea. Our partners Monsanto, KWS, Bayer Crop Science, Limagrain were […]

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